Tips for keeping kids warm without turning up the heat

Cold weather comes with everything. During this period, attention to children must be redoubled. The climate is dry and respiratory diseases are more frequent, affecting mainly newborns. Children especially in the first six months suffer a lot. Therefore, discover some tips to warm your child during the wet season without heating in this guide.

Opt for sheltered clothing and a baby stroller

The best option is to dress your child in layers. You can put a bodysuit underneath, pants, and a jumpsuit on top, click here to find out how to keep your child warm without heating. Opt for sheltered cotton clothing, as wool can cause allergies and dry out the skin, and nylon is unsuitable for low temperatures. Since children lose a lot of heat in their extremities, their hands, feet, and scalp become colder. Therefore, put on socks and hats for the child. It is important to always keep an eye on the child's temperature, which should be between 36.5 and 37.2 degrees. If your baby starts sweating or is irritable for no reason, for example, he or she may be hot. In this case, remove a layer of clothing. In addition, baby strollers are also ideal for warming your child. The strollers available on the market are, in general, well adaptable to low temperatures. Choose one that offers protection from rain and cold or buy a personal protector. Just be careful not to suffocate the child with the equipment. Protectors should always have openings on the sides for air circulation.

Use heating pads and blankets

A heating pad can be the easiest way to warm your child without heating. You can find some lovely heating pads in stores, but really, a regular plastic bottle will do, and often they are small devices. On the other side, heated blankets come in different sizes. With these, your child can be covered all night long.