Three exercises to do to have a flat stomach.

You desire to have a flat stomach? This text is for you. Many easy exercises to do, will be described for you. You can do it at home if you want. Read till the end to know which exercise you can make daily to have a flat stomach.

The plank

For this exercise, you need to put your forearms on the floor. Press them down and push yourself up. You must use your toes to support your weight. Your head, neck, back and legs should be in a straight line.
This exercise is the most famous way to have a flat stomach. Because it helps you to strength your muscles and your upper and lower abdominal muscles. It will help to burn much calories than other exercises. Try to make the plank during ten minutes every day. In two weeks, you can see the difference. Check more information in

The bicycle crunches

Before beginning the bicycle crunch, you should lie on your back. Put your palms under your head. After lift your legs until they will be in the ninety-degree angle. Keep your right hand on your head and twist your body. Put your right elbow towards your left knee. And now you should alternate your limbs in bringing your left elbow towards your right knee. To get quick results make the exercise slowly.

The mountain climbers

To make perfectly this exercise put both of your hands on the floor in front of you and your shoulders in width apart. It will help you to complete the push up. Use your toes to push and pull your right leg forward your left leg. Keep doing the same exercise on your toes and alternate them between each legs many numbers of reps you want. Your upper body must not move during the whole exercise. This exercise must also be included in your flat stomach workout.