Some techniques for taking good care of your handpan

Like any other musical instrument, the handpan must also be well maintained. In this perspective, it is recommended to use the necessary tools. Among other things, to take care of your musical instrument, you can clean it with alcohol or simple oil. More details.

Opting for simple cleaning with oil

To enjoy your handpan for a long time, you necessarily need to clean it. According to the manufacturers of the handpan instrument, this tool made of steel is exposed to rust. Therefore, if it lacks maintenance, it can quickly deteriorate and will no longer be effective. The rust in question is caused by the presence of waste, dust, sweat or salt on its surface. It is therefore advisable to wash your hands well before playing with a handpan. Have a cloth at your side to clean your hands at all times. Then, in case of salt deposit and rust installation, the only solution is to clean with oil. All you need to do is use a soft, dry, clean cloth for successful cleaning. Gently wipe the surface of the handpan without using too much force. According to the experts of this instrument, you should clean your handpan after each use to make it look attractive.

Wipe regularly with alcohol

If you don't want to wipe your handpan with oil, you can use isopropyl alcohol. This anti-bacterial product cleans the dirt on the surface of your handpan in a flash. It is used in the same way as oil. The only difference is that you have to mix it with water. When your instrument is well cared for, it keeps its beauty and tone. To avoid rusting, the precaution to take is to protect your handpan. You should keep it in a dry place and not in a humid one. For example, you should not store your instrument in a shower or kitchen. Furthermore, if you live near the sea, you should protect your handpan with protective oil.