Facebook in a standoff with Australia over publishing laws

Facebook and Australian lawmakers have been in a standoff concerning new legislation proposed by the Australian government. According to the bill proposed by the lawmakers: 

“Australian-generated news content by Australian-generated news organizations can and should be paid for and done so in a fair and legitimate way”.

Both Facebook and Google have protested against the bill that will have wide implications if it's successfully passed into law. 

Australia will not amend the proposed bill 

According to a statement made by a top Australian lawmaker, Australia will not change any part of the bill. The bill will see Facebook and Google provide compensation to news agencies that use their platform to publish content. 

Facebook, in response to the law, has restricted all news agencies and multiple Australian government agencies from publishing news on its platform. 

Facebook's action has already affected multiple news sites that depend on the social media giant for views. A statement from an Australian senior lawmaker said there would be no changes made to the already proposed bill. 

According to Simon Birmingham- Australia's minister for finance- the proposed bill is just and fair. 

Facebook and Google have campaigned against the bill 

Facebook and Google have both expressed their displeasure concerning the bill, but Google has already signed deals with top Australian news agencies to hedge its bets. According to Birmingham, Google's recent move is proof that Facebook can afford to pay Australian news agencies.

A lobby agency that represents most online platforms such as Google, Twitter, etc said that its clients have agreed to closely monitor and put in place ethical standards that will limit the spread of false information on their respective platforms. They will also commit to blocking false accounts or content that spread false information. 

Facebook has not released any statement after the controversial bill passed the second reading in the Australian house. The bill is also supported by most members of the Australian senate.

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