China denies mistreating Uighur Muslims

China has denounced all claims that accuse the Chinese government of carrying out a genocidal campaign against Uighur Muslims and other ethnic minorities living in its Xinjiang region. 

The Chinese government also reinforced that Uighur Muslims are in full possession of their human rights. 

The United Nations and other countries speak against China's actions 

One of Joe Biden's first foreign policy moves was to uphold a decision made by the previous administration against China. The Trump administration decided to place restriction costs on china after it found China guilty of carrying out an organized extinction plan against the minorities living in Xinjiang.

Britain also spoke against China. The country's foreign secretary, Dominic Raab, condemned China's actions which included torture, mandatory and unpaid labor, and mass sterilization against the Uighur population.

Heiko Mass, the foreign minister for Germany said in a statement that Germany's focus on upholding human rights everywhere will not allow it to accept the unlawful treatment of the Chinese government of its Uighur population. Maas also criticized the Chinese government's treatment of prominent human rights activists in Hong Kong.

More than one million Uighur Muslims have been arrested by the Chinese government 

According to data released by the UN, more than one million Uighur Muslims have been arrested and kept in concentration camps. 

China has repeatedly denied the accusations and- in a move to prove its innocence- invited the UN to investigate the claims.  

China's foreign minister, Wang Yi, in his invite to the UN human rights council, said the Uighur Muslims are undertaking lessons that will provide them [Uighur muslims] with skills and prevent any terrorist uprising among the population. 

He added that Xinjiang is always open to other bodies and groups that want to investigate the truth and that many people from other countries have found the claims against the Chinese government to be false. 

Wang rounded up his speech by saying the allegations are lies simply motivated by politics and prejudice.