A few steps to follow when planning a party

To plan a party, you need time, creativity and organization. Unless it's a small party for friends and family, planning a party should follow a structured process with well-defined steps. This goes for any type of party, whether it's a Disco party or a kid's Halloween party. Our guide to organizing a party should help you. 

The first preparations

It is necessary to organize everything well. Look below for her explanation.
- Date and time: Decide on the date and time of your party. Try to plan it on a date that does not coincide with holidays, vacations or festivals. This way, more people will be able to attend your event.
- Location: Where will the party be? Will it be indoors or outdoors? In a house, restaurant, pub or elsewhere? Start thinking about the best places to do it.
- Theme: Decide if it will be a themed party or not. Why are you throwing this party? Is it for a special date or just because you feel like it? Will they need to dress in a special way?
- Audience: Find out who would be interested in going to your party. How can you reach them? 
- Menu: Will you serve food and drinks? Will they need to bring what they want to eat? Start making a shopping list or researching catering companies.
- Budget: How much will it cost to rent a place, food, drinks, entertainment? 

One month before

- Program: It's time to start preparing a program schedule. Will there be activities? A poster with different groups? Try to make a preliminary schedule of the day of the event.
- Equipment: Now that you know the program more or less, it's time to think about the equipment you'll need. Speakers, projectors, screens, etc. Do you need guests to bring anything? Start ordering the things that take the longest to arrive.
- Venue: Now you also need to close the deal with the venue. Make sure you book the restaurant, sign the contract with the theater or whatever you need for your party
- Suppliers: In parallel, contact all your suppliers and negotiate contracts and agreements for food, flowers, balloons.
- Event page: Create an event page for your party where all the information you already have in mind will appear. It should include the most important information such as date, time and location. Normally, on this page you can see how many people will be going.
- Invitation: send invitations to your list. You can include a link to your event page so people know where to buy tickets.