2 different ways to wear a durag

Although the durag is a useful accessory to add value to your hair, you need to know how to wear it. This is important in its role of comfort and style. Wearing or tying a durag depends on the type of hair you have. For this, you need to choose the best way. Here are 03 ways to wear durag among many others.

The classic way

The classic way is the way adopted by most people to wear durag. You can visit the company website that specialize in this. If you master this way of wearing your durag it is good for a start. This way is easy to understand. To do this you have to align the durag on your head. The front edge of the durag should be between your eyebrows and your hair. You must also make sure that the accessory covers the roots of your hair. Then hold a strip in each of your hands. Make sure you pull them towards your occiput by tying them behind your ears. Bring the strips back to your forehead and cross them again at this point before tying a knot at the back of your head.

The 360 wave method

With the 360 wave method, you can achieve wavy hair. This way of wearing the durag helps in the growth of your hair. It prevents your hair from growing upwards. You should wear your durag to sleep to maintain the wavy look of your hair. The durag made of satin is most suitable for the 369 wave method. To prevent seam marks from showing on your hair, the durag should be turned inside out. This is also the same procedure. Test the two strips by crossing them behind your head, bring the two strips back to the forehead and cross them again before rolling up the head. To avoid spoiling your wave, you don't need to tie a knot. Just press the remaining strips into the durag to hold it in place. Note that there is a quick method which is used in case you do not have enough time to be professional.