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EASTERN COLORADO-TROPHY WHITETAIL & MULE DEER. Aswe allknow, thisarea is famed for the huge bucks that have been hunted here for years! Hunters who are looking for 170" - 200" Muleys, and 150" - 180" Whitetails, this is the hunt for you. Our outfitter currently leases roughly 250,000 acres inmultiple game management units, strictly controlled for big bucks. Come to eastern Colorado for your next big buck adventure!


ATTENTION WHITETAIL HUNTERS - IN SEVERAL OF THE PLAINS UNITS, COLORADO OFFERS WHITETAIL ONLY PERMITS FOR ARCHERY, MUZZLELOADER AND RIFLE HUNTERS - these permits are extremely easy to draw, most tags can be drawn with NO PREFERENCE points!! Transferable landowner vouchers are also available.


Archery Hunts:

Season date is Oct 1 - Dec. 31, 2015. Hunts are conducted anytime throughout the season, but mainly in November & December, with the exception of a couple of areas where hunts are good in October! All hunts are 6 days of hunting, some tags are valid for either specie, but only one deer. Hunts are almost exclusively spot & stalk, with a few tree stand exceptions! THESE TAGS ARE GENERALLY DRAWN WITH NO PREFERENCE POINTS, AND LANDOWNERS CAN PROVIDE A LANDOWNER VOUCHER IF NECESSARY!! Whitetail Only permits are now available.



Season date is October 10 - 18, 2015. Hunts are all spot& Stalk, usually 6 days of hunting, and some tags are valid for either specie. Tags are generally drawn with 0-1 points! This hunt is a tremendous opportunity for big bucks, in a season that is often under-utilized by hunters.



Colorado has two separate rifle seasons on the plains. In 2015 the hunts will be Oct. 24 - 28or Oct. 30 - Nov. 3. This hunt is usually easier to draw, requiring 1-4 points depending on the unit! December rifle hunts are as follows,Dec. 1 - 6or 8-13. These hunts will take 1-4 points to draw, depending on the unit. Please note, both seasons offer a whitetail only tag in several units. We offer these hunts on several of the ranches with high whitetail populations, and the tags can usually be drawn with no points!!!


PLEASE NOTE - Price does not include food/Lodging!

2015 Hunt Prices



2on1, 6-day hunts $4,000.00     1on1, 6-day hunts $5,500.00



2on1, 5-day hunts $5,000.00     1on1, 5-day hunts $6,500.00



2on1, 5-day hunts $5,500.00     1on1, 5-day hunts $7,500.00

All Management hunts:




 (Add $400.00 if your hunt is outfitted at either of our ranch house locations)

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