Since 1995 Aaron Neilson has specialized in hunting the African Lion.  He has personally taken 11 trophy lions of his own.  Not to mention, he has accompanied numerous clients and friends on some of their lion hunts around the African continent.  He has personally hunted Lion in Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana, Tanzania, South Africa, Mozambique and Namibia.  Over the past 16 years he has spent over 350 days pursuing lion in Africa, an accomplishment not matched by any other hunting consultant.  When trusting your highly expensive, and long-awaited trophy lion hunt to an agent.  Look no further than Global Hunting Resources, we have the experience and knowledge to back it up!


2012 - Top 3 Lion Hunting Destinations!


#1:  Zambia's Kafue:

Noted for huge maned lion, plus high success rate, makes this my top pick for lion hunters!  Also, huge Leopard, Sable & Sitatunga.
24-day Lion/Leopard:  $68,800.00

  (Lion Trophy Fee - $7,000.00  Leopard Trophy Fee $5,000.00)
21-day Lion:  $59,300.00

  (Lion Trophy Fee - $7,000.00)


#2:  Tanzania - Lukwati:

Located in western Tanzania, this game rich area is home to some of the best lion hunting Africa has to offer.  With loads of buffalo, Lukwati has a never ending food supply for the big cats, and our outfitters areas are no exception!
21-day Lion/Leopard/Elephant/2 buffalo:  $75,690.00

  (Lion Trophy Fee - $7,500.00)


#3:  Zimbabwe - Save Valley Conservancy: 

This southern Zimbabwe paradise is home to huge buffalo populations, and over the past 5 years lion numbers have increased to match.  In 2008 I personally hunted the Save Valley, shooting a tremendous lion, and seeing a total of 26 lions in 11 days.
18-day lion hunt:  $45,000.00

  (Lion Trophy Fee $7,000.00)